Bad Versus Good Online Slots

Slots – This is one of our favorite sections of the program.

Why do we love slots so much? For one, they are really easy to play – in a rudimentary way, all you have to do is spin and hope for a win (usually evidenced by even more frenzied lights – and – bells – and – whistles action than usual).

Another reason? They are very fun to play. There is so much variety out there, in terms of online slot themes and level of bonus game(s), all with varied levels of the cool factor.

Want more? How about better payout percentages on average than what you’d find at land – based casinos? That is right, a lot better!

It is clear that online slots have come a long way, indeed. So, if you are gonna play slots for money, the three above reasons should suffice. Take it from me, this is the way to go in this day and age…

So let’s get to the heart of the matter: below, we list a couple of online slots that we feel excel in all of the above – stated areas. They are chocked – full of bonus features, are tons of fun to play, and are drippin’ in cool. Check ’em out.


Take a wildly-popular (and controversial) video game, give it the online slot makeover treatment, retaining all of the elements that made the original video game so (in)famous and cool. Then for good measure, deep it into another layer of uber-cool, and you’d have something like Hitman, except even cooler.


This is one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played. I really enjoyed myself!

Boasting a load of thrilling bonus features, and 3 progressive jackpots, wrapped up in an online slot that lets you step into the gravity-defying shoes of everyone’s favorite billionaire inventor / superhero. Step into Tony Stark’s armored suit and fly your way to that jackpot.

Not only do these games come highly recommended but they have some of the best odds and prizes offered in the market. The gameplay is seamless and that is important to any gamer. If you are trying to compete with a land – based casino you have to offer games with the same or better game play offered at them. Some sites and games seem to be very shaky when it comes to the graphics capability. The above referenced games have none of these problems. Straight up – high quality gameplay and design all around. We love them.

Once you try these games we are confident that you will play them for some time. I know that after I tried it, I had an urge to come back… It just seems like it could hit at any time and isn’t that what these games are all about? The pure anticipation and joy in victory are priceless for the cost of this entertainment.

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