Bad Versus Good Online Casino Games

There’s a wide range of online casino games – and some are better than others. You should look far and wide for your favorites. If you see one that catches your eye, try it out.

What makes a particular casino game really stand out? For one, playability. For players that have played casino games in an actual land-based casino, realism is the key to their online experience. The virtual game should look, feel and play like the real thing.

Another key component that makes a particular casino game better is its inherent “house edge”. Every casino game offers a specific probability (noted as a percentage) that represents the chances of players winning that game. The lower the house edge, the better for players.

So below, we list those casino games that get high marks in the areas noted above.


Poker fits the bill. The game in all of its variations is built on strategy as opposed to luck, and as such, players have a certain degree of control in the game that they may not have in, say, roulette or online slots.
Here’s a few recommended spots for you to check out for your Texas Hold’em needs:

If you’re in the US, PokerStars is one of the largest online poker sites out there, and that experience shines through. If their range of services and players’ experience intimidates you, you can try Cake Poker or Full Tilt.



Yet again, blackjack is a game that largely depends on strategy to win – so much so that strategy cards and tables exists that basically walk a player through the ‘perfect’ move to make in any circumstance (i.e. hand) that can come up.
As such, blackjack is a game that offers up some of the best house edge percentages (less than 1% if you “play your cards right”).

If you live outside of the US, try Mansion Casino as a great place to beat the house.

The important part is that you understand what you like & look for something to match those tastes. You will know it when you see it. Especially if you have any experience in the general field. You will easily be able to tell who is trying and who is just going through the motions. Remember that you dictate what is acceptable through your spent dollars. We all need to remember that when we spend money we are endorsing the product we purchase. If it is a sub – par product then we might have an excuse for the first purchase but there is no excuse to continue using a bad product once you are aware. After all, the very definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

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